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Our Delicious Coconut Water tastes like the real thing

Coconut Water

Want clearer skin, better digestion and more energy?

Try Signature Herbals Coconut Probiotic Water .

This concentrate makes up to 7 litres. Packed with electrolytes and minerals that replenish dehydration and may be helpful for inflammatory conditions. Simply add to water, coffee, juices, smoothies, yogurt, cooking, baking, on cereals and more!

Coconut  Probiotic Water may: 

1. Improve digestion and restore good bacteria

2. Reduce inflammation of the colon & digestive tract preventing yeast infections.

3. Ease aches and joint pains.

4. Lower the risk of allergies and food intolerance's.

5. Contains high levels of valuable minerals, which explains why the hair, skin and nails may become stronger and have a prettier shine.

6. Increase energy and give you an overall feeling of good health.

7. Reduce the symptoms of heartburn.

8. Stop your cravings for sugar.

Coconut Water

Our Coconut water also contains Aloe Vera

Click Here for information on the benefits of Aloe Vera

Gluten Free - Lactose Free - Organic Purchase here Free Freight Australia Wide

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