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The Benefits of Lavender oil for skin

We have added essential oil of Lavender to our Moisturiser because when Lavender oil is applied topically to the skin it may be helpful to :

- Alleviate Acne (due to its ability to inhibit the Detrimental Bacteria implicated in Acne and also due to its ability to control the excessive secretion of Sebum that occurs in Acne).

- Accelerate the healing of Bruising.

- Accelerate the healing of first and second degree Burns.

- Alleviate Eczema.

- Alleviate the irritation associated with Psoriasis.

- Help to control the excessive secretion of Sebum that occurs as a result of     Seborrhea.

- Alleviate the pain associated with Sunburn. 

Holmes best sums up the personality of the qualities of Lavender;

The very feminine experience of being surrounded by fields of purple blooming Lavender possibly discloses a hint to the nature of this plant: a compassionate herb of the highest order, Pain,infection,inflammation,distress,agitation and acute injuries of every day life are the main symptoms relieved through its compassionate effects- regardless of the illness or underlying condition.

Lavender is often referred to as the 'Mother' of essential oils accomplishing several jobs at a time 

Lavender's personality is tireless, even- tempered with unfailing gentleness and devotion,Lavender cares for and calms , listens to and remedies a thousand ills.She takes care of children , adults and the elderly,animals, plants the earth and the sky. She looks after everyone with equal love and if there is anyone in the world she neglects it;s herself.

What a beautiful vibration lavender makes to the many facets of our: Moisturiser with Attitude

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