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lynnenz-copy.jpgWelcome to Signature Herbals Pty.Ltd . My name is Lynne and I gained a thirst for iridology and Herbal Medicine 25 years ago when I tripped over a book by the late Dorothy Hall (Iridology) I was fascinated and using the book as my reference started to look into the eyes of absolutely everyone that I could get hold of. Looking back I had no idea what I was doing but the information I was discovering was so spot on that it absolutely blew me away. I had no idea that my life was about to change in more ways than I could ever imagine.

A set of circumstances led me to the opportunity to study with the very Fabulous Dorothy Hall. (Recognised worldwide for her expertise in iridology and Herbal Medicine) I feel really blessed to have been able to study with Dorothy. Armed with the very latest in computerised Iridology technology I showcased Iridology at Health festivals and expo’s .Facing people head on and completing thousands of iris readings. I learnt so much more in my many one to one experiences and this took my knowledge to quite another level. In those days my interest in what could be discovered in the iris was poo hood by many and I was frustrated by people who saw me as a bit of a joke. Once seated however those jokers took on another tone as they experienced the truth that was reflected in their irises.
Since then I have been published in numerous magazines and was a regular guest on "Yin Yang and You" Produced for the Sports world network where I did a series on Herbal Medicine and Iridology.

I have been a practicing Herbalist/Iridologist in Melbourne for over 20 years and currently just love my role as the principal Herbalist for Signature Herbals. This new internet medium allows me to support thousands of clients health needs worldwide. I am also in the early days of the development of our Signature range of Functional Foods, Herbals and Skin Care and look forward to showcasing this unique range with you as it evolves.

I am now armed with a wealth of knowledge and I love the opportunity to cut to the core issues and create the best available solutions to gently rock my clients back into the arms of good health.





Lynne was SPOT ON with her analysis in our Iridology Session. I was amazed with her insight and depth of knowledge, and I just found the whole experience fascinating! I would definitely recommend her services if you are looking for a thorough iris analysis, and an action plan to get your health to optimal level in the future.



Thank you for your amazing insight into my health, your therapy is truly amazing and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.


I work so hard in keeping my body healthy and to be honest I felt quite emotional when I left your place as I have been avoiding the acknowledgement of the effect that part of my life is having on my health. So thank you for helping me face up to it as I’m sure the acknowledgement alone will help me on my life journey ,as I am a true Sagittarius ‘the truth seeker’


Lynne Max who is the principal at Signature Herbals is a very giving and very experienced Herbalist and Iridologist. My experiences with her have been profound, insightful and helpful in gaining knowledge about my inner health and ways to improve my own regime. She is all about helping you to improve your own wellbeing and shares her wisdom and experience to a point that far outweighs the actually cost of the consultation!

Angel Lady


Good morning Lynne, just want to thank you from both Richard and myself. The change in Richard has been amazing. He is feeling on top of everything. His old spark is back. He says he didn't think he would ever feel like this again. We are far from out of the woods but this is making it all so much easier to cope with. So the biggest of thankyou



Just a note to say thank you Lynne so much for our session on Iridology.  I have always been fascinated at this medium and you have proved to be one who is very skilled and have a wonderful intuitive sense into the workings of my body!

Your accuracy and subsequent healing herbs and methods have made a great difference in my health and wellbeing.

I have since recommended many friends and family to your clinic and will continue to do so with great faith




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