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​Antibiotics are not just an issue for Pregnant Mothers

Last night (06/02/18) Nine News ran a story about how new research has found mothers who take prescribed antibiotics during pregnancy may have children at a higher risk of needing hospital treatment for infections.

Data from about 700,000 births was used in the study conducted by the Melbourne-based Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, with scientists analysing whether or not mothers had taken antibiotics before, during and after pregnancy.

Research found that due to the effects on their microbiome mums who had used antibiotics 18-months prior to birth may have infants facing a 20 percent higher risk of being hospitalised due to infection.

But this issue isn’t just an issue for pregnancy it is an issue that is affecting most of us without our knowledge. We are exposed to antibiotics via our food intake on a daily basis and this is one of the many contributors to the surge of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Here is a link to the Channel nine News story

Here is the Link to Murdoch Research

There are times where antibiotics are absolutely necessary but it is vital that the gut is nurtured and repaired following a course of antibiotics.

Probiotics are part of the treatment plan for Gut Dysbiosis or Leaky gut along with a Fibre filled diet and the elimination of Gluten and Dairy. Switch to Grain fed protein & Antibiotic free - free rage eggs and specific nutrients (Contact us here for details on this)

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