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Lola Berry's Blood Cleanser

This juice is packed full of nutrients and every time I have it I can feel that my body soaking up it's goodness. Lola Berry's little book of smoothies & Juices has become my go to book when looking for inspiration for all things smooth and juicy.

You are able to purchase her book  via this link in the meantime I hope that the following video by Lola will inspire you to try this one out.

Recipe & info below reposted from  Lola


1 medium beetroot, 2 carrots, 3 celery stalks, thumb of ginger, 1 lemon (keep the skin on for extra health benefits), 1 apple (granny smith has a more sour flavour, a red apple will give a sweeter flavour).

Quirky Fact: Celery looks like a bone; has the exact same sodium ratio as our bones do – almost like these foods were created for us. Eat foods that look like parts of the body. Celery – bones, tomato – heart, carrot – iris.

Remember that to take your Juice up another level simply add one of our probiotics to it. Our Olive Leaf Extract  would team well with this one :)