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Three Herbs to Help Memory & Concentration

Three great Herbs to help Improve Memory & Concentration


Bacopa monniera (Brahmi) Clinical evidence supports the use of the Ayurvedic herb brahmi for cognitive enhancement. Clinical trials and traditional evidence have shown cognitive benefits across all age ranges, with long-term supplementation (12 weeks) leading to the most significant improvements including verbal attention, memory acquisition, retention and recall, intellect and speed of visual information processing.

Bacopa inhibits the release of inflammatory cytokines from microglial cells and inhibits enzymes associated with inflammation in the brain. Thus, Bacopa can limit inflammation in the CNS, and offers a promising source of novel therapeutics for the treatment of many central nervous system disorders.

Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo)The leaf of the ancient ginkgo tree is one of the most widely prescribed and consumed 

Ginkgo  Biloba

herbal medicines worldwide where it is used for conditions associated with cerebral vascular insufficiency by improving circulation to the brain.

The active constituents include flavonoids and terpenoids, the most important of which appear to be the ginkgolides and bilobalide. Ginkgo displays significant antioxidant activity and assists circulation through the veins, arteries and capillaries, including cerebral microcirculation, which may account for its effect on memory and concentration.

Evidence indicates that both acute and longer-term ginkgo supplementation can improve memory and cognitive processing speed. A Cochrane review found ginkgo supplementation to be superior to placebo in improving cognition in patients with acquired cognitive impairment.


Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng)The medicinal use of ginseng extends over 5000 years, where it has been used as a general tonic, adaptogen and to improve physical performance.

Animal studies have shown that the active constituents ginsenosides improve memory impairment and age-related cognitive decline. In humans, studies show ginseng may support quality of memory, in particular secondary memory, as well as accuracy of attention.

Ginkgo and ginseng in combination

Clinical trials have investigated and show that the combination of ginkgo and ginseng significantly improve memory, including quality of memory, working memory and long term memory.

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