The First Consultation (2 Hours)

This consultation includes a detailed Iridology profile and very quickly gives you an invaluable insight into exactly what is going on.

We all have a unique Signature and when Iridology is layered with nail, tongue and body indications a very clear picture of your health and wellbeing needs emerges. A health & medication timeline is completed along with a review of current medications and supplements and a plan of attack.

If you have relevant blood tests or medical reports, please email: prior to the appointment or bring a copy along with you.

A personalised herbal medicine is designed specifically for your needs. (Your mixture may include Herbal Extracts, Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers and Minerals) Note: The cost of this initial mixture is included in the $180 Consultation fee.

Further consultations are generally 6 weeks later where we review how things are going and fine tune things.

These consultations are an investment of time and money and every effort is made to tailor the treatments to suit your lifestyle, time commitments and budget.

Other supplements may be prescribed (at additional cost)

The consulting room is the bayside town of Sandringham in Melbourne. Australia

Cost: $180 Concession: $165


One Hour Consultation/Phone, Zoom or Skype

For reasons of Distance or circumstances, telephone or Online consultations are available. These consultations work really well. Some iris indications along with nail, tongue and body indications are considered. We do a health & medication timeline. I review your current medications and supplements and put together a plan of attack.

With the information gained a personalised herbal medicine is designed specifically for your needs. (Additional cost) Other Supplements may be required

These appointments can be in the consulting room or in a Bayside café or simply Boil the kettle and Join me on Skype.

Cost: $80.00 Concession: $65.00 (see herbal mixture costs below)


Put the kettle on and Join Lynne for a cuppa 

Join Lynne for a 30-minute cuppa (She loves a good Chai) in a local Bayside café or boil the kettle and join her on Skype

This relaxed meeting of the minds may be all that is needed to gain an insight into what may be going on.

One thing is for sure that a lot can be nailed in one of these sessions

Note: If a deeper appointment is needed, the cost of this initial meeting is deducted.

This works well for an initial chat and or for a follow up appointment.

Cost: $50.00 or Concession $35.00

Health Funds and Rebates

Depending on your health fund cover you may be able to claim for the consultation but not the herbs or supplements


Personalised Herbal Medicine Cost:

100 ml = $40.00

200 ml = $60.00

Personalised formulas contain herbal extracts, Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers and minerals.

Once your herbal mixture has been designed you will always be able to re-order it online for the cost set out above.

Consultations are available by appointment.

Contact Lynne Via the contact form below. Please include a couple of times that suit you and the type of appointment that you require.

Other Supplements

As a client you will be able to access the dispensary to purchase both your liquid herbals and any other supplements. Supplements that have been prescribed can be purchased at a 10% discount from the retail price.

You will also have the option of ordering your products directly from a supplier for a 20% discount

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