DEEP DIVE Bach Flower Blend

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Are you Ready to move out of the shallows and take a deep dive into life?

If Fear and lack of confidence are holding you back, then Bach Flower remedies may be a solution for you.

Larch is a Bach flower that gives you the confidence to take the leap.

Mimulus is the Bach Flower that addresses your known fears head on and gives you’re the courage you need to take the next step

Aspen is the Bach Flower that addresses underlying fears you may not consciously know are secretly driving your known fear.

Olive may help give you the strength and backbone to – Just do it.

Rock water helps you to break free from patterns that have been set in stone. Perfectionism can sometimes hold us back and this remedy helps to bring in more flexibility.

Honeysuckle allows you to just let go.

Our Deep Dive Formula may give you the support you need to Just Do it!

Or click here to buy the individual Bach Flowers to use as you need them.

Our Bach Flower formulas are pure essence blend and are not watered down at all.

Simply place 4 drops under your tongue or in your water 2-4 times a day. You can use the remedies in your bath or on your wrists or temples. Bach flower Remedies are safe for all the family including animals.

Here is the link for the Deep Dive Formula and here is the link for the individual Bach Flowers.

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