Lavender Flowers - certified organic (Lavendula angustifolia)100g

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Botanical Name: Lavendula angustifolia

Organic Status: Certified Organic

Country of Origin: China

Plant Part: Flowers

Promotes Relaxation

Lavender tea is traditionally used to induce relaxation, primarily because of the soothing aroma.   Scientific studies from The University of Maryland Medical Center suggest that inhaling the scent of lavender may slow nervous system activity, promoting relaxation. This can help with anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression. One small study published in the September 2011 edition of the "Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine" found that patients who were treated by inhaling lavender oil experienced significant reduction in stress levels and reduced levels of pain when hypodermic needles were inserted. Preparing lavender tea helps release the oils responsible for the beneficial aroma.

Digestive Issues

Another common traditional use for lavender tea is for digestive issue relief, including nervous stomach and indigestion.

Convulsions and Spasms

A convulsion occurs when a muscle contracts and relaxes rapidly involuntarily, causing the body to shake. A spasm is similar, but it usually results in a muscle staying contracted. Lavender oil has been found to be a benefit in reducing both spasms and convulsions. A study published in the July 2000 "Journal of Ethnopharmacology" found that rats given a small dose of lavender experienced reduced convulsions and spasms, which was thought to be a result of the lavender blocking the calcium channel -- a key part of the muscle contraction process.

Other Uses

Lavender tea has other traditional uses, although many of them are not backed by scientific research. Other traditional ailments lavender tea may treat include migraines, colic, loss of appetite, toothache, acne, nausea, vomiting, cancer and even use as a mosquito repellent.

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