Red Chestnut 10 ml

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Red Chestnut


Red Chestnut

Fear or over concern for welfare of others

Red Chestnut is for those who have selfless over-concern and fear or worry for the welfare of others, especially of family and close friends. They fear the worst for their loved ones: that a minor complaint will turn into something serious, that a child at play will fall, or a holiday plane will crash. They are also fretful and worry about other people's problems. It is often a temporary state among carers, nurses, councellors, etc.

The positive potential of Red Chestnut is the ability to care for others with compassion but without anxiety. Positive Red Chestnut people radiate thoughts of health and courage to those who need them and remain mentally and physically calm in emergencies. They are happy to give help when asked but hold back from forcing help on others.

For Dogs

 Most dogs experience some anxiety where their owners or companions are away. Red Chestnut is the remedy for the dog that takes it to the extremes and will often show nervous, fearful behavior BEFORE you leave combined with an effort to go along or prevent you from leaving. They are the animals that cry in their crate and Red Chestnut along with Chicory is often recommended for separation anxiety




Dilute two drops of  in a glass of water and sip at intervals. Replenish as neccessary

For multiple use, add two drops into a 30ml mixing bottle (you may combine up to seven remedies in this bottle), top up with mineral water and take four drops at least four times a day.

If neccessary, the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies can be dropped neat onto the tongue, or rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists.

You can take Bach Original Flower Remedies as often as you want. If you are in a mood or a bit of a crisis, you only may need one dose, but if you've been feeling the same way for some time you can take them as long as you need to.

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